World without Chester Bennington?

I remember it just 2 days ago i was looking for Linkin Park on youtube, and i listen to “Talking to myself” and “Heavy” again and again while working in my comp. But last night it make my heart so broken when i look to twitter trending and found Chester Bennington was on top of the list, i wonder why and it make me very sad.

I though it was a joke but sadly its true. i didn’t even yet came to their live show…..

I really don’t know do i deserve to represent so many person who getting influence from his scream, song and idea. Years ago i am one in the million who mumbling their lyrics when i walk, wanna have tattoo, glasses and pierce like him. And having sometimes to play their song on small stage back in my hometown. While so many my friends listening to pop, and other shitty music back in the day, i feeling blessed have found his scream and his band Linkin Park and i still listening to their song while i writing this and having goosebumps. it feels like he has known this time will come and he said :

When my time comes, forget the wrong that i’ve done. Help me leave behind some reason to be missed, Don’t resent me and, when you’re feeling empty, keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest..

Bunch of news today about his death, some of them having deep condolence, some tell why and how he dies and some make him an example of bad decision, and i am here just stunt until i can write this.

Until this very time, i can’t accept the fact that he dies, but if it is what it is, he will still life within my heart forever, but the my world now will never be the same without this man.

Be nice 2017 or i wont forgive you!


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