Rambai Ayam
Traditional Weapon

Rambai Ayam, A Symbol of Men’s Pride from South Sumatera

Rambai Ayam is a traditional claw-shaped weapon from South Sumatra. It is also often called Jembio. Unlike a usual claw-shaped dagger, this weapon is sharpened on both side of the blade. The inner part of the blade has a short sharp side while the outside part is quite longer. To give an effective impact or cut, the outer part is used.

From the shape and the way it’s being handled, this knife is close-ranged weapon. It’s efficient once the target is really close. Plus, as it fits the palm perfectly, this weapon is hardly seen, even from a very close range.

Types of Rambai Ayam

There are two types of this weapon based on its size. The small type is in between 10 to 15 cm while the big is in between 25 to 30 cm. Both size can be adjusted within the range base on the user request before it’s made. Small or big, both are considered a secret weapon. That is why people usually carry it in their pocket or belt.

Sheath for Rambai Ayam

Not all small weapons have sheath for them, but this one does. This weapon, since they are to be carried close to the user’s body, can easily be do a self-harm. That is the reason why some people decide to order sheath along with the weapon. The sheath is normally made from leather or synthetic leather.

The Material

The material used for making this weapon is a composite of copper and brass which makes the entire color gold. The entire making process is considered easier than any other weapon because of its size. But, since it’s also an artistic knife, the maker will add some details. That detail adding is the hard part.

Sometimes at the end of the grip, a hole is made. This hole is similar to one in another weapon called Karambit. Once the hole is made, the entire grip is covered by wood in both sides. Any kind of wood is used for covering the grip. However, the wood has to be strong enough to be mounted by screw or nail. Before the mounting process, the wood is covered by furnish for shining purpose.

The Tradition

People in South Sumatra believe that Rambai Ayam has a magic power in it. Everyone who holds it will have an extra power to defend themselves. This weapon is also used as symbol of life, patience, power, and thoroughness.

People of South Sumatera, especially men, make this weapon as a mandatory equipment that everyone must have. They believe that men must be able to defend themselves from any kind of harm that might come. By that tradition, every man in South Sumatera needs to learn Silat martial art and an ability to swing the knife properly.

Instead of carrying one, men in South Sumatra usually carry two of this weapon. This is one of the symbolism they use for self-esteem and pride. By carrying a pair of it, they have enough confidence to defend themselves from harm

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