Tombak Jambi
Traditional Weapon

Tombak Jambi, the Unique Handled Traditional Spear

Tombak Jambi, or Jambi Spear is a traditional weapon that is named after its original place, The Province of Jambi. Jambi Spear is available is various type, depend on what it is used for. There is a spear used for hunting, while there is also another spear used for guarding The Realm of Jambi. Besides the function, this spear is also available in various size.

However, people in Jambi use this spear for hunting. They have a special spear for it, a spear with round double-sided sharpened head. The size of the hunting spear is between 1.5 to 3 meters in length.

The Uniqueness

Unlike any other spear, Jambi Spear is made to be double-headed. The maker will sharpen the other end of the handle and cover it with metal.

The Characteristic of Tombak Jambi

The characteristic of the hunting Tombak Jambi is the double head with double-sided round blade. The spear is known to be merciless and kill an animal instantly. The blade is in between 20 to 40 cm in length. In general, the blade hilt is between 5 to 10 cm and the sharpened part is about 20 cm in length.

The Shape of the Blade

The shape of the head of this weapon looks more like a knife, only it’s bigger, thicker, with sharper point. The blade is gradually getting thinner from the hilt to the pointy end. At the beginning of the hilt, a hole is made to join the blade with the handle.

The handle is made of sanded wooden stick. The maker would plug the stick to the blade’s hole while the blade is still hot. In that way, the blade and the handle will bond stronger.

The material for the handle has to be a lightweight wood. In fact, the entire weapon has to be lightweight as people in Jambi usually use Tombak Jambi by throwing it.

How to use

As mentioned before, people in Jambi usually throw the spear to make a distant attack. They follow one proper method to do it.  For the 1.5 meters long spear, they hold the middle part of the handle and throw it one handedly.

For the 3 meters long spear, they do it in a different way. It is impossible for the 3 meters long spear to be thrown single handedly. They use their left hand to hold the middle part with their right hand holding the hilt of the handle. Then, with all the power they have, the right hand will push the spear, making it thrown to the target.

To make the spear safe to carry, Jambi people usually make a special sheath. The sheath is called, Kujur Berongsong. The material for making Kujur Berongsong is iron. Once melted, the iron will be forge to fit exactly for one particular blade. The sheath, plus the thickness of the blade, work together to make a highly durable spear.

Tombak Jambi for the Royal Guard

Jambi Spear is also used for protecting the royal family of Jambi. For the guard, this spear is made quite differently. The blade is not round like the one used for hunting. Instead, the blade is made exactly like a knife blade. It has two sharpened side. There is a line in the middle of the blade, going from the hilt to the end. The blade is thinner and longer to make a better impact. A ring is placed at the hilt of the blade to make it fit better with the handle.

Besides the sharpness and the strength, the blade is also made with stylized metal. The maker will add brass and copper so the color of the blade turns royal gold.

The handle is made from a stronger and bigger wooden stick. For the guardian spear, strength is paramount. The handle is designed to be strong enough to repel enemy’s impact.

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