Keris Aru Palaka
Traditional Weapon

Keris Aru Palaka – Kingdom of Bone’s Golden Relics Keris

As the name implies, Golden Keris Aru Palaka is one of the traditional weapons that are considered as heirlooms for the local community. This weapon has existed since the time of the kingdom of Bone as heritage from one king to his successor.

Used as a weapon to fight the enemy, this weapon is efficient for a close range stabbing. This heirloom Keris is only owned by members of the kingdom, or rather the kings of the Kingdom of Bone after its duplicate was given to Sultan Qaimuddin Malik Sirullah Khalifatul Khamis, the king of Bone in that era.

As a witness of the ancient Kingdom’s journey, Aru Palaka’s Golden Heritage Keris design has a high historical value. Besides, according to its name, this Keris is indeed layered by gold. So, no wonder why this weapon is only possessed by the king.

The Sacred Dagger of King Arung Palaka

Many stories about the glory of King Aru Palaka or Arung Palaka, which is the Sultan of Bone. He is a figure of greatness who is highly respected by his people. He was very influential in the great maritime power possessed by the Bugis in the 17th century. The king left so many great stories as well as highly valuable relics.

Heirloom objects and weapons left by him are always coated with gold and gemstones that adorn their appearance. One of them is the Golden Keris Aru Palaka. This Keris became a relic weapon from the kingdom of Bone, because it was given by Aru Palaka himself to the Bone Empire. As mention before, the exact duplicate of this Keris was handed over directly by Aru Palaka to Sultan Qaimuddin MalikSirullah Khalifatul Khamis, The Sultan of Bone in 1660. At the hand-over ceremony, Aru Palaka was accompanied by his wife, Imangkawani Daeng Talele and his friends, Arung Apanang, Arung Belo, Arung Bila, Arung Kaju and Arung Pattojo.

The power of this king’s inheritance weapon was also amazing. It is said that he said in ancient times, this heirloom Keris was able to kill his opponent with just a little scratch. Therefore, this Keris was very dear to the king. The King always brought it in every royal battle.

The Shape of Keris Aru Palaka

This Keris has a shape like any heirloom dagger in general with a Luk (curve) that is on the Keris. The handle was covered by gold and gems. The same gold and gem layer was also found on the sheath.


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