My first post about drone is about mine that didn’t return

Lost drone – If I could make an excuse surely I would say that every job has its own risk. But in this particular mistakes, I should confess that this is just stupidity. I want to take a note about this, so it won’t happen again in the future.

Yesterday it just another thay at work. we are going to Jakarta to our clients and bringing our drones to take aerial photos for mapping. Like usual, I set my plane in its software to shoot in the area that we need which forming a grid. We are doing this for the 3rd row now in this month, because the area to be mapped is quite large actually.

Last week we use DJI Inspire 1 to do this work and we start flying in outer area that will be mapped. But I do it so carefully, checking everything so nothing goes wrong. But yesterday, I think we are too sudden to take flight. Our biggest mistake, or if I could say my big mistake is ignoring the fact that this area have so much interference. Wifi, metals and so on. Usually every time we are flying drone using this technique it will warn us when our plane has only 25% battery left, and it will go back to home point automatically. But this time it has not.

I noticed after a few seconds our plane takes off we couldn’t receive any camera shoot from our drone, but we let it be because usually it’s never been a problem. So we wait until our hand device giving us a warning about our drone draining its last battery power. We push the pause button in the software, and then “go home” button, and we wait. But after 5 minutes it didn’t come back, we suddenly worried. And after 10 minutes having no sign that our drone would come back to its home point, I go check near area that we thought it was felt.

We made our search in the area of its plane send us a signal to the area of its home point. So it is forming a triangle. But no luck for us. Then I go to the information center to report this incident, and to my client. But still didn’t hear any good news until now.

My biggest regret about this incident is losing our 3 weeks job. Of course nobody wants this kind of trouble to happen. Until now we still hopes that our lost drone could be found by those area internal officer.

Source : RC Hobby Review, iStock Photo

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