Traditional Weapon

Arit, an Original Sickle from Indonesia

Indonesia consists of a pluralistic society that has diversity in various aspects of life. This can be seen from the diversity of existing cultures. Sundanese tribal culture is one of them. This tribe has a variety of traditional weapons commonly used for everyday activities or as heirlooms. The weapons include Kujang, Bedog, Baliung, Sulimat, Arit, and Balincong are examples of how diverse one culture could be.

One of the traditional weapon in Indonesia that is used by many tribes is Arit or sickle. This traditional weapon has a shape like a crescent. Until now, it still exists in the community. In addition to being found in the Sundanese culture, weapons that resemble Arit are also found in other areas such as Madura, which is commonly called Celurit. Besides, this weapon is also used by Betawi or Batavian people.

Weapons with the same name and function are also known in Bali. This weapon is used by both Sundanese and Balinese as agricultural tools. This tool is still quite popular among people today, especially farmers. Arit is efficient enough to weed rice or to cut grass because of its shape and ergonomics. This tool is also easily found made in various material.

The Shape of Arit

Basically this form of weapon is almost similar to Celurit. Of course, from one tribe to another, their versions of Arit might differ. Arit from the Sundanese tribe has a wide and flat body making it easier to use as a tool to cut grass for example.

The sickle is still used by Sundanese people for their daily needs, especially by farmers. This tool is usually used to find grass for their livestock because it is easier to use than other tools. Besides that, there are also those who use Arit to harvest rice.

The Size and Material

Sickle size is usually only a few variations between 40 cm to 70 cm. This weapon only consists of handle and blade without sheath (except the Madurese version in which case does). The slats are made of iron, but sometimes there are also those that are now made of steel while the handles are made of wood which is easily found by the public or the producers at a fairly affordable price.


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