Badik Cangkingan, the Traditional Weapon of Batavia


Badik Cangkingan is a typical Betawi tribe weapon. This tribe does have a number of unique histories about martial arts. This was revealed from the existence of a champion figure or a local hero who was an expert in weapons. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Betawi tribe has a variety of weapons, one of which is a Badik Cangkingan.

The shape of this this weapon is almost the same as weapons from other regions. Indeed, at a glance, there are some traditional weapons that have similarities between regions, Badik Cangkingan is one of them. This weapon has a small size that makes it look like Acehnese or Badik Rencong originating from Sulawesi.

The History

In the past, Betawi youth always bring weapon once they intend to travel far from home. The reason is because they need to protect themselves from all dangers or threats. Weapons that are commonly carried are generally small or can be called Badik. Because this weapon was always carried traveling (carried), this weapon was later named Badik Cangkingan, while Cangkingan means something being carried. Nowadays, this weapon is no longer used as a practical weapon.

The Anatomy

The anatomy consists of handles made of hard wood or ivory. The ring is made of silver, bronze or gold. On the other hand, the frames and sheaths are usually made of hard wood with carvings added. The next part is the Badik blade, which is made of a mixture of iron and steel.

This weapon has a small shape almost the same as the dagger. But, the straight edge is not curved. Now, we rarely see Betawi people carrying or using this weapon. In the past they carried these weapons usually by tucking them in pants or sarongs. And its position is right behind the body.

The Use of Badik Cangkingan

Now this weapon is used more as a complement to traditional clothing, especially in the groom’s clothes. Therefore, at this time the Badik Cangkingan store is generally the bridal showcase.


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