Badik Lampung, the Poisoned Traditional Weapon from Lampung


Badik Lampung is a sharp weapon that serves as a symbol of ancestor’s authority. The shape of Badik Lampung is in the form of large and long blades, as a machete. The handle was made in a shape of J or L letter.

The Histori of Badik Lampung

In the life of Lampung people in the past, Badik was used as the last weapon when fighting with opponents. In the past, there were still many robbers who stopped people on the streets. In addition, Badik also functioned to defend himself from attacks by wild animals which were still many at that time. That is why the merchants and the kingdom used Badik as a sharp and poisonous weapon to defend themselves.

Actually the people of Lampung at that time had high dignity and self-esteem. They mastered martial arts to fight with their bare hands. Badik will only be issued in case of real emergency. For example, if one was forced to face multiple opponents. Of course, the main function of Badik is only as a complementary weapon. Most people prefer to fight bare-handed in a normal circumstances.

Badik Lampung has been around since the 19th century. Until now, there is no certain information about when this weapon first made. Badik was made in a dozens of type. For elders, tribe leaders and kings, usually holding Badik with ivory handles and gold-plated sheaths. The original Badik held by the elders is unique as it will not sink when it’s placed on the water.

The Shape of Badik Lampung

The form of Badik Lampung consists of several types, some are small with a length of about 11 cm and a width of 2 cm. While the big one is called Badik Siwokh which has a length of about 20 meters and a width of more than 2 meters. In addition, there is also a type of Badik that is very small and is held by Lampung girls as an emergency defense. Those girls would use the weapon as their hairstick.

The Material of Badik Lampung

Badik Lampung is made of genuine steel and can be seen from its shiny white color. To be able to find out the quality of the ingredients in Badik Lampung, you can test it by banging it on sharp objects or flick it with fingernails. If the sound is very loud and deafening, then it is certain that the quality of the steel used is very good and can be said to be 100% steel.

Usually the construction in Badik Lampung has lines on the body of the weapon so that it looks like strokes or patches. This is because the making process uses a variety of blended steel. So, Badik has high durability and produces very sharp and strong weapons. In addition, because it is forged with high temperature, it looks like there are melting marks.

Badik Lampung is known to have deadly poisons. Anyone who gets slime on the skin of the body would certainly be injured or killed. The poison that is usually used by the people of Lampung is Bacem Kodok. That poisonous material is taken from the body of the animal Frog.

The process of making poison Bacem Kodok is by immersing Badik in a bucket that has filled with water and the body of a frog that which stomach has been taken clean. The immersion process takes about 3 days and 3 nights in a row. After that, Badik was dried in the sun. Then after being dry, this weapon already contains poison that is deadly to humans and animals. Whereas to remove the poison, Badik is placed in a bamboo and buries it underground for as long as possible.


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